The Runner Awakens

The Runner Awakens

Like any other Star Wars fan it’s easy to draw parallels from the movies with our own lifes. What I mean with “the runner awakens” is that there are hidden powers within running that needs to be awaken. Probably you won’t feel it as a beginner but if you can ignore the pain a little bit and listen to small subtile messages during your runs then you will grow as a runner.

No matter if you are a beginner or expert in running, insights will always be there to guide you. The question is if you are alert enough to listen to them. In running and all aspects of life it’s all about feeling! Try skipping your GPS for a couple of runs or even leave your favorite music at home that distracts you from your valuble insights. For example, if you feel your eardrum is pounding little too much then your stride length is probably too long. These small subtile things can guide to fine-tune your running.

When your thought get in the way from your feeling, that’s when you start to loose energy in your body. Your main focus should be positiv. Just like in school, if you like a subject then your motivation will perform better and get higher grade and the opposite if you feal forced into studying something you dislike. Running because you have to will never beat the feeling of running because you love it.

I guess since you are reading this you love running as I do or would like to love it. Speaking of Star Wars and hidden powers led me into this phrase and I can see the direct link to running and setting your goals. Not just setting your goals but believing in them too.

Rey: Is that even possible?
Han Solo: I never ask that question until after I’ve done it!

Whatever your goals might be, the answer will always be: Yes it’s possible! Sometimes ignorence is bliss, just set a goal, do it and then reflect on your achievement. No dwellings, no maybes, no it’s not possible.

So go out there, live BIG and love the run…is that even possible? Yes!