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Month: April 2016

Fast track of the mind

fast track of the mind

Game on

Have you ever heard someone say that this and that takes a long time to master. Not true! There is a fast track of the mind that people seldom use or never even heard of. The problem is that if someone lets you think something will take a long time then it probably will take a long time if you believe that. The key in every part of life is change and if you’re willing to change your state of mind then time is not an issue. Animals adapt to change very fast and so does human children, human grown ups…not so much. Almost everything in our society does not really promote change, we are already used to that things takes a long time. I’m not talking about pregnancy, that will run natures course but things that can be changed but are blocked by rules or fears.

Sometimes my eldest son asks me when driving our car if we are there yet? I often answer by reflex that we are soon there. He is not interested in soon as he asks the question again, are we there yet? Then I wonder why I answered soon. Maybe an attempt to ease his waiting. Soon does not exist in a childs world and probably should not exist in the grown world either. Can you help me with this? Soon. When can we go? Soon. There is something wrong with soon, something holding back and taking a long time. Children are direct and things change very fast. As we get older we tend to forget that, we get lazy.

Talking about running I often hear that it takes a long time to master. I say that it takes the amount of time it takes for your mind to change. Often with beliefs we demand some kind of proof otherwise we tend to doubt. Doubt is a fear (holding us back) that we need to overcome and isn’t it proof enough that thousands and thousands have completed their marathon? The fight is in your head as the lyrics goes.

In your head, in your head
Zombie, zombie, zombie
Zombie – Cranberries

If overcome that fear and you believe that you can run a marathon, then your body, your cells and your legs will follow. There is no taking a long time and there is no soon if you use the fast track of the mind.

Creating new energy

creating new energy insight

Energy Boost – Creating New Energy

We all know how to consume energy, but how about creating new energy? I’m not talking about food as such but the type of energy that you can get during a run. Let’s say you are out running and are exhausted then you meet someone who looks at you and smiles, that will give you extra energy. It could also be a cheering crowd during a big race or sometimes your favorite music can make your thoughts drift away and the fatigue you just felt disappeared.

It doesn’t really matter what it is but you will feel an energy boost or extra energy. My insight was that having this kind of extra energy during a whole run regardless of external circumstances. Wouldn’t that be great?! Free supply of energy!

So what does a smile, a cheering crowd or a song have in common that will free that extra energy for you? They will free your mind. They will literally take your mind of something and into something else. The smile touches your soul and in that moment your mind becomes secondary. Same thing goes for the crowd and the song, they reaches past your mind thus freeing the mind or puts the mind on hold.

Depending on what your mind was busy with you can experience different things. I see people keeping their mind busy with their GPS, constantly monitoring their current pace or heart rate. Some are struggling with their pain and stares at the ground with only one thought in their mind, please let this be over soon. Often the more you run you start to let go of these thoughts and free your mind hence creating new energy.

You have to let it all go Neo. Fear, doubt and disbelief. Free your mind.Morpheus – The Matrix

In running there might not be a whole lot of fears but it exists. It could be fear of high pulse, sweat discomfort or fear of starting to walk in other words defeat or embarrassment.  Doubt and disbelief on the other hand can be a real struggle to let go. It’s a very bad feeling when you start to doubt or mistrust yourself, going against your inner desire. It’s like the energy in all your cells just drain out. But on the other hand, what a great feeling it is when you conquer that fear, doubt or disbelief. When you overcome things you did not believe was possible. In running you will sooner or later experience that very clearly and feel it in youre whole body.

Runners who run great know that if they get too concerned about not being bad, they will not free enough energy to be great. They run to win and I hope you do the same.

Weather in Thailand

Weather in Thailand

Koh Lanta – Long Beach, using New Balance Minimus MT00 Trail shoes

The idea of this blog came during a seven month stay in Thailand. It’s like they say about the weather in Thailand, it’s hot here, really hot. Running here is like having someone running next to you with a hairdryer in your face. But on the other hand, try to imagine running along the beach early morning. The sea is almost totally calm and the sun is on the rise. That’s a great feeling!

I get a lot of looks from local Thai people during my morning runs, like they don’t understand why anybody would want to run instead of driving a scooter. Maybe Thai people does not have the need for running? Grown Thai people are still very flexible like children and have seldom backache. Is it because their beds are hard as rocks or from sitting a lot on the ground. During massage you can see many troubled faces of pain on the tourists and masseuses almost find it amusing. Have we westerners missed something here, overweight or well-trained but with very tense bodies?

Our bodies needs to have balance between body, mind and heart. Too much attention to any one of those areas, and we become unbalanced. Most of us these days live in an intellectual world with focus on the mind. When running the mind gets weary, mentally tired. That leads to some rehabilitation between our mind and heart, in other words creating balance between our intellect and emotions.

You will feel it after your run, a feeling of calmness in your body. I usually had a lot of second thoughts or excuses before my runs but I’ve never regretted a single run upon completion. Mostly intellect before my run and mostly emotion after.

The running trend the last years have had exponential growth of applicants to races like marathons. This in my opinion means that we also have had an exponential growth in intellectual focus that causes stress in our minds. In the 90’s there was much focus on weightlifting in the gym but that did not get the job done wearing down the mind. One thing that did work the drugs in the 70’s, perhaps too much weary minds, causing yet another unbalanced behavior. Neither excessive running or taking drugs will create that longterm balance, only changing your behavior will do that. But that’s another topic, training will at least get you in the right direction towards that.

Trouble is the perfect time for training. You are not here, you with your trouble. If you with your trouble when fighting happens, more trouble for you.

Syrio Forel – Game of Thrones

Trouble being the mind in stress and yes then it’s the perfect time for training but you need to let go of your mind in order to generate energy in your body, otherwise you will feel the pain hence more trouble for you.

Insights does not resignate from our minds, the true insight comes from our hearts.

Let go and you will tread lightly full of energy!!!

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