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Month: May 2016

Tread lightly running

Tread Lightly Running

Tread Lightly Running

There is an enormous difference between ones weight even though your scale shows the same weight. Why is that? Sometimes you just feel heavy and not at all willing to even step outside whereas sometimes you feel light and you perform at your personal best. Same weight but different feelings. The difference is your energy level. Energy is that stuff that makes everything happen. When something or somebody moves, it’s because energy is being transformed.

Your energy level is roughly a mixture of how much nutrition your body can absorb from your current diet and your current state of mind. Energy is produced in the mitochondria located inside every living cell in your body. You might think that there is one to one relation between your diet and your energy level but there are some other factors in play aswell. Your diet of course plays a big part but what that energy is used for is controlled by your epigenetics.

Epigenetic refers to how cells read your genes, with this quite new discovery we can no longer blame our genes on previous generations,  it’s now our own responsibility. Epigenetic is affected by the external environment (diet, drugs, state of mind etc.). You are the captain of your ship. Are you providing your body with low quality food and have stress as your state of mind, that can or will result in diseases like cancer. On the other hand, if you provide high quality food and have positive and free state of mind, that can result in a fantastic healthy life, full of energy.

We need to think about the big picture, in short, skip crappy food and follow your heart, that’s it! Don’t put your energy into poor use, learn to let go and free your mind. So many people workout regularly with little or no progress. Find your problems and deal with them to get peace of mind. You need to take action.

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.Henry Ford

This is were running can help you deal with your problems. From the first step on your run you will feel your energy level, low or high. Contemplate about the source for that energy level. Steer your life towards the sources that makes your energy level high. A high energy level is our bodies default state so in order to gain that state you will need to take action on removing the things that sets you in a low energy level.

If you succeed, you will experience tread lightly running and you will be hooked for more. This is the energy level you experienced as a child when you could run for a whole day. If you take action on removing energy thieves you will not only set records, you will also live a healthy life.

Special moment

Special Moment

Ayrton Senna (BRA) – Special Moment

There is a special moment when we manage to break trough the our barrier of fear also known as comfort zone or demon. As a child these barrier does not exist. These barriers are man-made and they tend to stick very easy on a young person who is eager to learn about life. Religion is trying its best to help us break all our barriers but in my eyes they have too much focus on the afterlife and fails to address every day issues.

Say you are brought up in a sing and songwriter family, then you probably won’t have any fears in the singing area, but might have in other areas of life. Societies that have running as a part of life have a natural talent for running because they do not have any fear of running. By fear of running I mean mind limits. Elite runners work their whole career to remove their mind limits. The less limits the better performance.

It’s great to see running trends all over the world, people trying to overcome their own mind limitations. Running is like driving a car, in the beginning you were scared about driving, after a few years you drive without thinking. When learning something new that generally gets stored in your mind as limitations. After a while with practice you transform mind limitations into feelings. That transformation will free your mind and your feelings and sensory takes over.

And I felt God’s presence. I saw God. It was a very special moment for me. An indescribable feeling. It remains engraved in my memory and as a part of me.Ayrton Senna – Formula 1 racing driver

Senna told in his documentary movie that he had felt and seen God. That means that he had been in total contact with his feeling. That he did not drive by logic thinking but completely on feeling sensory. In that special moment he had let go of all his fears.

In running and in any part of life the special moment have the same indescribable feeling. That moment when you completely let go, no thinking, no limitations, just running on feeling sensory.

Remember, the less limits the better performance.

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