Mind stretching revolution

Mind stretching revolution

Say John wants to start running. He buys nice pair of shoes and new running outfit. John feel great! His goal is 5 km. John gets dressed, heads out and press start on his watch. He runs for 900 meters and then he stops, exhaling,  thinking maybe he started running little too fast. He walks for 200 meters and starts running again. John stops again with chest pain and continues walking.

When John eventually gets home were he meets his neighbor Smith who runs ultra marathons and buys new running shoes every other month due to tear.

John and Smith look almost the same and weighs around the same. They even eat similar type of food.

How then can Smith run 100 km and John only 900 meter? Surely training has its part and building muscles.  But it’s just an immense difference, 99% longer. In order for Smith to run that long he needs to use less energy. The way to use less energy is to relax. Smith mind and muscles must be relaxed for him to make it. John’s mind gets stressed when his pulse start racing and he don’t even know how to relax while running. John has been taught that running should be exhausting and really hard training.

The big difference in my opinion is in their minds. Smith knows he can run 100 km, he has done it, he has the mental experience. Been there done that. It’s painful for sure but durable. John in the other hand wants to run 5 km and has no idea how far he can actually run. He has lots of mind ghosts about pain and fatigue.

What to do…

John needs to take his mind to a higher level. Stretching his believes about what he is capable of. If Smith can do it, he can do it. But can he actually believe that? That’s a serious stretch.

Mind stretching is like climbing mountain and for most people 10 km is the limit. It’s the common belief that 10 km is hard, it enters our minds like a virus programmed for body shutdown.

10 km in this case is what I call the tree line. It will most certainly be a struggle until John reaches 10 km because he’s not born and raised with native folks that don’t have this mind limit. Once he make it and continues to climb the mountain little further beyond the limit then the world opens up for him. It’s just beautiful, ask any runner for verification. Unfortunately, no one can tell you how it’s like, really. You have to see it for yourself.

If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain

The mountain is your mind and if you cannot believe you must go and climb that mountain. Taking action and finishing 10 km will eventually make you a believer of that distance. Seeing is believing they say but imagine how fast you would achieve long distance running if you allow yourself to stretch your mind while exercising running.

You need to accept the changes your body must go through when starting running. Relax and follow your own gut. Reading might confuse you and distract you from finding your own “running flow”. Let go of your mind, let it float away almost like daydreaming.

I know it’s hard, you just have to see it for yourself.

But once you do….man….indescribable….lost for words!