aboutWelcome to Insight Run Blog, where I share some of my insights about running and I hope that it can inspire you to become your own running expert. My name is Dan Rosshagen and I have a lovely wife Ulrika and two adorable boys, Melker and Victor. It was during my military service my eyes for running opened, at 19 years of age. I never even tried to run 10k before even though I was always at the top of my class in gymnastics. When it comes to training I have always pushed myself hard, sometimes to hard.

During traning for 90k cross country skiing competition I missed an exit and got lost. I found myself back I thought but ended up at another mountain than I started from. It was a tough way back! With my backpack with all my supply laying at the starting line. I was out of water and needed to stop several times to eat snow in order to not completly dry out.

During a marathon in Stockholm I was feeling great and skipped some energy drinks along the way. At 28k I started to get dissy, trying to stand straight, walked for a while and ate everything I could get myself hold on. So at 35k I was somewhat restored and could finish the race at my normal running pace.

These things are not something that I’m proud of, there are my failures but also my treasures. Without them I would not be sensitive enough to read my body signals. Running is┬átherapy and personal development for me. My insights usually comes during running but also just as I wake up. I guess my mind is in a certain state that improves my ability to listen to them.

I hope to incurage you to listen to your own insights with this blog.