Going astray sometimes

Going astray sometimes

Life teaches you to follow your heart but what happens if you’re going astray sometimes? What does going astray mean exactly? Astray is anything that pulls you away from your heart. This could mean anything in life, big or small. Say you wanted to run one day but you postponed it due to bad weather. Pretty common excuse but nevertheless it’s leading you astray in that sense. There is ridiculously many things leading you astray all the time. Who makes these rules of what you should or shouldn’t do? It’s the same answer as my other blog posts, unfortunately it’s you, but not to blame we are tought to listen and learn from others. We can’t blame others (whoever they might be) but we need to check with our intuition to verify if we should believe what we hear or learn to be true.

I read about Jemma Griffiths that she read in a guide-book one day that said, never look people in their eyes on the subway in New York. She was terrified to even look at people until one day that she realized it wasn’t true. How much damage has not this guide-book caused her and others like her. You want to believe that what you read is the truth. In this case the guide-book was leading her astray.

Who made up all the rules
We follow them like fools
Believe them to be true
Don’t care to think them throughThey – Jem (2004)

When I searched for synonyms of “astray” then I got words like: gone, lost, wandering or wrong. Pretty much all bad things. These are actually the same words that also describe the word sin that is used in religious context for violating God’s will. It’s also the same words that describes satan or the devil, that brings evil and temptation to humanity.

That really means that staying home being lazy and postponing my run would be a sin in religious terms, tempting you to not take action, not following your heart. There is only this short hesitation or leading you astray but not more than that, no hell waiting or nothing like that. What are waiting is a second chance, actually lots and lots of chances. But if you constantly choose to go astray then your life will be a living hell. Not doing what your heart wants hurts, physically. Every person goes astray multiple times per day even the most religious persons, that’s just life. That’s how we learn to listen to our intuition.

How often haven’t you felt something but acted on the opposite just to realized that it was wrong. Then you tell yourself, I KNEW IT! I should have acted on my first thought. Often we feel something at first then we analyze it with what we have learned and change our minds in the last minuet. As we are the captain of our ship then we must start trusting our inner compass called intuition. Last minuet changes might be right sometimes but only if you feel that something is wrong. So going astray, sin or devil actually means that you are not listening to your heart. Working with the wrong profession, not helping a person in need and things like that.

In running this will be your greatest tool and also in life. You have lots of chances to improve yourself. When you start realizing what is leading you astray then you can choose not to act on that. Just choose what you feel is right for you and if that doesn’t work out then make a change. Simple as that. I must agree though, threatening with a burning hell would have gotten me to run faster and more often. But sooner or later I would have realized just as Jemma that it wasn’t true.

Go for a run and trust yourself.