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Energy Boost – Creating New Energy

We all know how to consume energy, but how about creating new energy? I’m not talking about food as such but the type of energy that you can get during a run. Let’s say you are out running and are exhausted then you meet someone who looks at you and smiles, that will give you extra energy. It could also be a cheering crowd during a big race or sometimes your favorite music can make your thoughts drift away and the fatigue you just felt disappeared.

It doesn’t really matter what it is but you will feel an energy boost or extra energy. My insight was that having this kind of extra energy during a whole run regardless of external circumstances. Wouldn’t that be great?! Free supply of energy!

So what does a smile, a cheering crowd or a song have in common that will free that extra energy for you? They will free your mind. They will literally take your mind of something and into something else. The smile touches your soul and in that moment your mind becomes secondary. Same thing goes for the crowd and the song, they reaches past your mind thus freeing the mind or puts the mind on hold.

Depending on what your mind was busy with you can experience different things. I see people keeping their mind busy with their GPS, constantly monitoring their current pace or heart rate. Some are struggling with their pain and stares at the ground with only one thought in their mind, please let this be over soon. Often the more you run you start to let go of these thoughts and free your mind hence creating new energy.

You have to let it all go Neo. Fear, doubt and disbelief. Free your mind.Morpheus – The Matrix

In running there might not be a whole lot of fears but it exists. It could be fear of high pulse, sweat discomfort or fear of starting to walk in other words defeat or embarrassment.  Doubt and disbelief on the other hand can be a real struggle to let go. It’s a very bad feeling when you start to doubt or mistrust yourself, going against your inner desire. It’s like the energy in all your cells just drain out. But on the other hand, what a great feeling it is when you conquer that fear, doubt or disbelief. When you overcome things you did not believe was possible. In running you will sooner or later experience that very clearly and feel it in youre whole body.

Runners who run great know that if they get too concerned about not being bad, they will not free enough energy to be great. They run to win and I hope you do the same.